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Healthy Habits for Parents

We know the smallest hygiene changes can make a massive difference to our health. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to always look for opportunities to educate families on healthy habits to practice.

Healthier practices for healthier babies

Having a new baby is an immensely rewarding and an exciting time for new parents, but also comes with a tremendous responsibility of caring for this bundle of joy. At this time, protecting a new baby from illness and infection becomes more important than ever, after all, newborns are particularly vulnerable as their immune system is not yet fully developed.

Teaching new mums healthy habits around the world

Dettol has over 80 years’ expertise in hygiene and an enduring interest in protecting newborns and infants from infection. That’s why every year we reach new mothers around the world with hygiene education.


We partner with experts

We work with a variety of partners from charities and NGOs to health care professionals such as paediatricians, midwives and various governmental organisations in over 40 countries around the world to reach new mums and teach them some basic yet powerful healthy hygiene habits to help protect the health, not only of their new arrival, but their whole family.

Protection for all

Our aim is to support new parents, to help them keep their families healthy and teach them how some small interventions can be hugely impactful and provide protection for their family.

At Dettol we passionately believe in the power of hygiene education, it goes to the core of who we are, because it helps protect families from illness and helps to give new babies a healthy start to life.

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