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Antibacterial formula to clean away dirt and bacteria

Kills and protects from odour causing germs

Dettol Antibacterial Re-energize Soap helps to protect against bacteria, keeps you clean and gets rid of odour causing germs. Dermatologically tested & suitable for the whole family, Dettol kills 99.9% germs.


Product Features

How to Use

  1. Wet hands with clean warm running water
  2. Apply bar soap to a cupped hand.
  3. Rub your palms together (away from the water).
  4. Rub body part thoroughly
  5. Rinse with clean running water.
  6. Dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

More ways to use this product…

* In removing 99.9% germs

** protection from odour causing bacteria

***Base formulation has been tested.

# 99.9% effective against COVID-19 virus as per 3rd party test results. Contact time with BS = 1 min.

Safety Instructions

  • If you have experienced an adverse event please seek medical advice immediately.


    • Where can I use Dettol soap?

       It is ideal for cleaning your hands and body.

    • How often should I wash my hands?

      How often you wash your hands depends on what you are doing. To reduce the risk of infections, you should always wash your hands;

      • Immediately before handling or eating food

      • Immediately after handling raw food, especially meat and poultry

      • After using the toilet or changing a nappy

      • After contact with blood or body fluids (e.g. vomit, saliva, nasal secretions)

      • After you cough or sneeze

      • After touching animals or their equipment

      • After touching a contaminated area (e.g., rubbish bin, cleaning cloth, drain, soil)

      • Before dressing a wound, giving medicines, or putting contact lenses in

      • Whenever they look dirty.