Keeping Hands Clean in Kitchen

By religiously working towards keeping your hands clean, you can easily exercise good kitchen hygiene, stop the spread of germs and also protect your loved ones from illness. Research has concluded that the kitchen is the most germ-ridden area in the house, and thus it is all the more necessary for you to inculcate effective hand hygiene techniques while cooking food.

Let us look at the instances where you need to wash your hands in the kitchen:

  • Before and after cooking food
  • Once you touch raw foods
  • After taking the garbage out
  • After cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • In case you cough or sneeze while cooking, clean your hands and wipe down contaminated surfaces if any

Having your kids alongside in the kitchen while cooking can be a fun activity. You can use this time to educate them about kitchen hygiene and the importance of hand washing before and after you come in contact with food items. Scroll down for some useful tips that will help you in introducing and encouraging good and effective hand hygiene in the kitchen.

Nazia 27, Mom to Fauziya and Saima

First and foremost, I make sure that the girls have put on an apron, tied their hair, rolled up their sleeves and washed their hands with warm water and Dettol Liquid Handwash

I completely understand the need for a safe and hygienic environment while cooking, and so we have always given priority to finding safer ways to involve our children in the kitchen, even from a young age. We make them a part of all our activities, from deciding what to cook, weighing and mixing ingredients, organizing the table, and cleaning up afterwards!

Aslam 34, Dad to Munsif

I believe it is important for me to be an effective role model for Munsif when it comes to hand hygiene. I make it a point to wash my hands with him before, during and after preparing food, with soap and warm water. Repetition and routine plays a crucial role in making good hand washing a habit, so we come together and do it always! These are the steps we always follow:

  1. Use running water to wet your hands
  2. Use an antibacterial hand soap such as Dettol Liquid Handwash and rub your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Do not ignore the back of your hands and underneath of your fingernails
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Dry your hands with the help of a clean towel or hand dryer
  5. Shut the faucet with the help of your elbow or the towel

Khadija, 25, Mom to Aslam

My husband and me, we try to simplify handwashing for Aslam! We stock our kitchen with good quality soap, usually Dettol Liquid Handwash. We also set up a stool close to the sink, so he can reach the sink without much difficulty. The main idea here is to make hand washing a fun activity for him, and less of a chore.

We also make it a point to discuss the importance of handwashing amidst all the fun on the kitchen. I always take this opportunity to explain the importance of handwashing and how it helps in keeping the family stay healthy and away from illnesses. I have also educated Aslam about certain type of foods, which after handling, he needs to wash hands, such as raw foods, as they breed more germs than others.

Hopefully we are leaving you with few new ideas that would help in making kitchen hygiene simpler and more understandable for your kids. Make sure that you use a good antibacterial soap, like Dettol Liquid Handwash, so that the hygiene is maintained.