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Keep Healthy This Monsoon Season

As refreshing as the rain is, it also ushers in many potential health problems for you and your loved ones.

The scorching heat of summer soon gives way to the welcome respite of the Monsoon season every year. But as refreshing as the rain is, it also ushers in many potential health problems for you and your loved ones. Staying healthy in this season requires some extra precautions than at other times, so we’ve compiled a list of precautions you can take to keep infection and illness at bay during this beautiful season.

What are the health and hygiene impacts of the Monsoon season?

The Monsoon season brings in much excitement and happiness – and also many risks to health. The damp and humidity brought on by rainfall create breeding grounds for bacteria. These can help the growth of many disease causing germs.

High rainfall also leads to the creation of stagnant pools of water. These attract mosquitoes which lay eggs in the water, and thus increase the chances of malaria and dengue fever. Stagnant water also becomes a breeding zone for germs and waterborne infections. It gives rise to food poisoning, cold, cough, flu, and such skin infections as athlete’s foot.

How to prevent infection during Monsoon Season

Personal hygiene

Clean, germ-free skin will keep you healthy this season. So if you or your children have been exposed to water in puddles, make sure to wash the feet with soap as soon as you return home. Many fungal infections are caused in the toenails and the feet due to bacteria in the water, and clean and dry feet can combat these.

Always head into the shower after you have been out and about in the rain. Use Dettol Original Bar Soap in the shower and dry yourself thoroughly. Take special care to dry your feet and the skin between your toes.

Hand hygiene is most important in this season, so wash your hands frequently with Dettol Original Hand Wash or Soap. You can use a hand sanitizer if you don’t have soap and water at your disposal. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands because you could unknowingly transfer harmful germs to yourself and fall ill.

Children are especially vulnerable to infection during this season, so it is worthwhile to remind them to wash their hands often, even when they are at school.

Keep your home clean and hygienic

Your home can become a breeding ground for infectious germs, so it must be absolutely clean and hygienic. Try disinfecting the surfaces in your house to prevent the spread of germs.

Take special care to disinfect the food preparation areas and the wet areas such as the bathroom. Try using a disinfectant cleaner.

Take a round-up of the house to ensure that it is completely water-repellent during this season. There must be no scope for build-up of stagnant water or dampness on the walls – these attract mould and pests, and also germs.

Ensure that your house is draining rainwater out instead of letting it pool on the ground. Clogged drains cause a foul odour and allow water to stagnate, thus attracting waterborne infectious germs and mosquitoes.

Be extra cautious about food and drink

Drink a lot of water during the season, but only if it is boiled or thoroughly purified to prevent infection from waterborne germs.

You may be especially tempted to eat piping hot street food during this season, but it is a good idea to resist. The Monsoon brings a higher chance of food contamination and a rise in food poisoning cases. Clean your hands with Dettol Hand Sanitizer before eating out.

Eat hot, home cooked meals and eat raw fruit and vegetables only after washing them under running water. Avoid pre-washed raw food because you can’t be sure which water was used to wash them.

Good hand hygiene begins with regular hand washing, especially before preparing meals or eating. Use Dettol Original for yourself and your family.

Though it brings a welcome break from the heat, the Monsoon also increases the incidence of illness and infection. The precautions listed above can go a long way in keeping you and your family protected in the Monsoon.

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