Dettol and ICSP- Leading the Mission for Health

Dettol, one of Pakistan’s most trusted brands, initiated collaboration with the Infection Control Society of Pakistan (ICSP) in 2012 to launch its health and hygiene awareness initiative, Mission for Health.

Launched across Pakistan, the program features a robust School Hand- washing Education Program, as well as Hospital Education for New Mothers. Having educated over 5,000,000 children and new mothers on the simple ways through which they can lead a healthy life, Mission for Health aims to contribute to a progressive Pakistan.

This initiative is a further extension of Dettol’s global heritage as the Trusted Champion of Health.

The magnitude of illnesses affecting children and newborns throughout the world is massive and its repercussions are disastrous if the root causes for these ailments are not eliminated. To build some perspective to the scale of the problem, nearly:

• 40% children worldwide don’t wash hands after using a toilet.
• 1.7 billion Children are affected by diarrhea while 760,000 children die of diarrhea, every year, a disease preventable with proper handwashing.

Hence it is imperative that health standards across Pakistan are raised by focusing on education and awareness regarding basic health and hygiene practices; which is why Dettol and the ICSP, with Shahid Afridi leading from the front, have taken the onus of imparting hygiene related education and awareness among children to deal with these preventable instances of illnesses with their Mission for Health.

Healthier children are essential for a brighter future for Pakistan, hence Dettol remains committed to this program, realizing the importance of the impact it’s creating.