Healthy habits for greater protection

Learn how little habits can make a big difference to your circle of protection (Choti choti adatein apnao, hifazat ka dairah barhao)

The new normal demands new safety practices. Our way of living may have changed but our resilience remains constant. Mothers around the country have a new agenda: keeping themselves and their families protected from germs, illness and virus. The only way to achieve this is by collectively keeping up our little habits which can help make a big difference to our circle of protection, our #HifazatKaDairah



Little habits at home

How can you make your home happier and healthier by adopting little habits? You can start by identifying hygiene hotspots that need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

This can include common touchpoints (we call them germ hotspots) that are likely to come into contact with bacteria such as doorknobs, floors, kitchen countertops and the restroom. Lucky for you, Dettol has just the mix to resolve all your problems and the product range has also been tested effective against COVID-19 germs.

The Anti Septic Liquid is a multi-use liquid which can be used to disinfect large surfaces, wipe smaller surfaces, laundry disinfection as well as wound disinfection.





Additionally, Dettol’s disinfectant spray also does the trick for smaller surfaces and common touchpoints like doorknobs, desks, and packages that arrive from outside.



It is important to constantly remind your family to maintain healthy hands, using either anti-bacterial soap or the liquid handwash, both of which are effective with germ-kill. However, the right handwashing steps need to be followed for a duration of at least 20 seconds.


Little habits when you’re outside

Want to stay protected on-the-go? Make yourself and your family’s safety a priority when you are at work, or when the kids need to go to school.

This can include:

Use of masks when you’re out and about, whether at work or out running errands. Make sure your family also carries a mask so you can avoid germ-spread from other people or surfaces.

Social distancing should be a norm when you’re not at home. A 6-feet or 2 metre distance is crucial to stay within your circle of protection.

Hand sanitizer should be your main sidekick! Get your hands on the Dettol pocket hand sanitizer and attach it to your bags, briefcases or children’s school bags so protection is always a second away. This will come in handy for whenever you feel the need to ensure your hands are healthy and germ-free!



Using the right Dettol products is key and will certainly keep you and your loved ones protected and encircled in Dettol’s care. For more information on the product range and purchase details please visit: