Introducing Dettol Gold

The gold standard of germ protection comes your way with Dettol Gold. Designed to perform better than comparable germ protection products, Dettol Gold is enriched with refreshing lemongrass oil. If you want clean, wonderful smelling skin, the Dettol Gold range has the right soap for you.

Effective hand hygiene

A good soap helps your germ protection efforts and effective hand washing plays an integral part in keeping you and your family protected round the clock. Most disease-causing germs are removed by proper hand washing using soap and water.Hand washing is also important because our hands carry many germs that can make us sick.The Dettol Gold range ticks all the boxes in terms of complete germ protection, keeping your hands free of bacteria and germs for hours after use.

The right handwashing technique

Washing your hands with soap is only half the job done – washing them correctly is important! Start by incorporating Dettol Gold Soap in your daily handwashing routine, and then follow these steps that outline the correct handwashing procedure:

  1. Wet your hands under warm running water
  2. Rub Dettol Gold Soap on your hands and then rub your hands together to form a lather
  3. Clean the skin between the fingers and also wash the nails
  4. Rake your palms with your nails
  5. Rub the backs of your hands
  6. Rinse off the soap under running water
  7. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel


How can Dettol Gold help me and my family?

The Dettol Gold range is formulated to keep you and your family protected from disease-causing germs by keeping your skin clean. Not cleaning the hands and skin regularly with Dettol soap leaves you vulnerable to a number of illnesses, such as:


Though this problem is rampant amongst economically challenged populations, it can strike anyone – and the problem often begins with unclean hands. Research from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) shows that incidence of diarrhoea can be reduced from 42% to 47% simply by washing hands. The illness is spread from one person to another through germ-ridden hands, so proper hand washing is important to stop the spread of germs.

Skin infections

Many skin infections are caused by bacterial microbes multiplying in hot and humid weather. The problem increases with the incidence of sweat drying on the clothes and skin in such weather. Skin infections may spread from one person to another via direct contact. The cycle of spread and contamination can be broken by washing the hands with Dettol Gold.

Viral and Respiratory Infections

The flu is easily spread when an infected person sneezes in the atmosphere, and the germs settle on other people, objects and clothing. Anyone touching these contaminated surfaces and then touching their own eyes, mouth or nose can get the infection. Then there are several respiratory infections that are associated with the flu virus. Hence, washing the hands with a reliable hand soap during flu and cold season is a must so that the contamination may be stopped in its tracks. Dettol Gold is effective in fighting the flu and common cold germs that cause respiratory infections as well.


Another acute respiratory infection that causes the tissues in the lungs to swell up, is pneumonia. It is caused by bacterial infections that may spread from skin contact or from touching a contaminated surface. The air sacs in the lungs become inflamed and clogged with mucus, thus making it difficult to breathe. You may take a vaccine to prevent pneumonia, but the first step begins with washing your hands frequently with a good soap.


This illness is caused by a bacterial bug in the tummy. Many young children are susceptible to it. The viruses responsible for causing it are spread easily from person to person, but washing your hands with a germ protection soap can stop this spread. Gastroenteritis is known to be eliminated by regular and correct hand washing, especially before preparing food and after going to the toilet.

Is the Dettol Gold range just for my hands?

No, you can use the Dettol Gold Bar Soap at the wash basin and also in the shower. It helps your entire body fight illness-causing germs and wash them away before they can harm you.