Staying Fresh in Summer

Are you itchy, sweaty and feeling hot? Is body odour bothering you? Yes, Right? Read ON!

Summer is here which means sweat. Sweating profusely and then the bad odour that follows is a common source of major discomfort specially in the summers. In the recent years summers in Pakistan come in roaring with soaring temperatures, bringing with them heat, itchiness that causes us to scratch ourselves silly, and rashes on skin caused by sweat.

Worry not, follow our tips to enjoy a cool and refreshing summer!


How can you stay fresh and protected from germs?

New Dettol Cool now has a 2x menthol burst that helps keeps you fresh, all the while providing protection from 99.9% odour causing bacteria!


What is the problem with Sweat?

Sweat on its own basically has no smell. But when bacteria that live on the skin mix with sweat, they reproduce rapidly and raise the stink factor. Bacteria on the skin thrive on the protein and fatty acids produced by your sweat glands, and the problem is more in areas where sweat collects Wash properly with Dettol Bar Soap, specially areas which are more sensitive to sweat.

Carry on reading for some more tips and solutions to beat the heat this summer!

  1. Shower Daily

Shower at least once a day, and twice a day on hotter and sweatier days. Bathing with warm water and an antibacterial soap will help wash away sweat and help kill the bacteria on your skin.  Feel cool, minty with menthol and refreshed by using Dettol Cool Bar Soap.


  1. When bathing, pay extra attention to areas with more sweat glands.

Armpits are not the only source of sweat generation. Take extra care when cleaning all the body creases which have more sweat glands compared to other areas, such as elbow creases, behind knees, feet, behind the neck and groin area. Using the Dettol Bar Soap will help you reach new and improved heights of freshness and coolness to make it through the summer sweatiness.


  1. Be careful of what you Eat!

What we eat affects our body odour. Spicy foods make you sweat more and may lead to body odour. The aroma of foods such as onions or garlic can be carried in the sweat. Drinks with caffeine are also responsible for causing sweat. This makes sweat occur commonly on the face, scalp, or neck. Sweating is our body’s natural response to the rise in body temperature. Go easy on the spice during summers or just shower later to beat the heat with Dettol Soap.


  1. Drink a lot of Water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Losing excessive amounts of sweat can quickly dehydrate you, leading to circulatory problems, kidney issues and heat stroke. Drink water to keep hydrated, cool and active.


  1. Rinse off with a towel properly

Dry yourself thoroughly with a clean, crisp towel after you are done bathing. Dry skin makes it harder for bacteria to multiply. Add Dettol or Dettol Antiseptic Liquid while getting your towels washed for an added layer of protection.


  1. Wear cooling fibres.

Wearing clothes made of natural fibres including cotton and jute allows the skin to breathe, so that sweat evaporates quickly.


  1. Wear clean clothes

Sweat dries on the clothes and bacteria can multiply on the clothes. It is therefore important to change and wash your clothes regularly. Do not use the same pair of socks more than once, as your feet can get really sweaty in this weather. Add Dettol Dettol Antiseptic Liquid to your laundry to kill germs on your clothes.


  1. Control the Skin Rash

Heat rashes result in our body itching. Heat rashes happen because of blocked sweat glands in the body. They fade when the skin is allowed to cool. Shower more with Dettol Cool to keep yourself fresh and cool during the season.


Let’s vow to fight body odour and remain fresh in the hottest of summer. A little extra care to remain fresh and clean with some steps for your personal hygiene routine will ensure that body odour is controlled and you stay healthy. The Dettol range of bar soaps and other personal care products will help you keep your body squeaky clean, minty and germ free during the summer months.

Have a happy cool summer!