Children often feel that mothers go overboard when it comes to protection from germs. We all know that a child falling sick is something that gives nightmares to every parent. However, since children are more susceptible to illnesses, and often tend to get afflicted by some ailment or the other, there is a growing need to protect them. For this, it is important to know some of the reasons our children need extra protection in today’s world, and why it is necessary for us to be a bit more cautious:

1. Weak Immune System: One of the major recurring factors for illnesses is our children’s immunity. Our children’s increased susceptibility to illnesses is essentially due to the fact that their immune system is under developed. It means that ourchild’s body has not yet been able to build up a defense mechanism to fend off germs, and infections; thus, making him or her more vulnerable to the environmental threats, and hazards.

2. More Exposure to Unhygienic Surfaces: Mothers know that they should take good care of their children’s hygiene. But we can’t be everywhere. Our children are likely to be more exposed to germs because of their surroundings. Living in a germ-free bubble is simply impossible, especially for children. Children being themselves tend to play around in mud and grime, and often exchange objects with other children, who may not be as hygienic as your children. They come in contact with several commonly touched, unhygienic surfaces like bus door handles, footballs, staircase railings etc. and are also exposed to infections transmitted from other children.

3. Modern Environmental Hazards: Today, the environment is so polluted that it is no wonder that we are over-cautious about our children’s health. Escalating environmental pollution is another major cause forthe growing number of diseases affecting children today, as they are continuously exposed to unhealthy toxins on a daily basis. Today, the air is more polluted, water more contaminated, and the food is more laced with chemicals than ever before

4. Stronger and More Resistant Germs: You might think that since medical science has achieved great success in preventing and controlling several diseases, our children are safer than we were many years ago. However, over a period of time, germs too have evolved, and have become more resistant. Every day, we hear about new viruses and disease breakouts, which were completely unheard of sometime ago. Our children, who are in a dynamic state of growth, and are still developing their immune system, may not be able to fight such infections as their immune cells cannot recognize, and react appropriately to such new and stronger germs.

5. Sticking to Traditional Hygiene Routine: Parents have always been concerned about their children’s health, and have taken every necessary step to keep them protected from germs. It’s now become evident that the traditional hygiene routine is not enough in today’s germier world. There is a growing need for an all-inclusive hygiene routine that includes basic  hygiene habits like hand washing and having a bath with antibacterial soaps, among others hygiene habits

Good hygiene is the first step towards preventing, and combating illnesses. We should ensure that we cultivate good hygiene habits such as hand washing and bathing with antibacterial soaps inour children’s daily routine as early as possible. We should also ensure that our children eat a balanced and nutritious diet to help them build better immunity and strength. In a world where pollution continues to affect everyone on an unprecedented scale, and new illnesses keep surfacing, it’s imperative for mothers to be better equipped to take extra care of our children’s health.