Health Care

Are you compromising with your child’s health?

When you’re a parent, you always aim to do what’s best for your child. Yes, you love your child and you like to think that you know the best for him/her but sometimes, just sometimes you can’t know the best for him/her. Certainly a mother’s role in a child’s life is immensely important, but so is the doctor’s.

Assume that your child is down with cold and flu fever; now, who you think would be best to remedy your child? You or a medically qualified doctor? If you’ve had kids before, it is obvious that you would know a little about a child’s health problems and would immediately know what to do. If you’re an experienced mom even then, try to monitor your child, if his/her health condition isn’t getting any better then you ought to take him to a doctor.

You need to trust what your child’s physician has to say. If a medicine worked for you that does not necessarily means that it will help your child, your child could get an allergic reaction to it and that could be really harmful for your child’s health. In some cases these reactions can turn to severe ones and can be life-threatening. So the bottom line is to always consult your doctor before giving anything to your child.

Some of the parents try to remedy their children with natural medicine. Mind you, that can be harmful for your child as well. It is quite comprehensible that taking their child to a doctor can be a tedious task for some parents so they tend to settle for medicines that they do know about or some natural remedies that their parents told them about. For whatever reasons and due to whatever circumstances, parents should never put their child’s health inferior to anything.

Yes, parents tend to be quite skeptical about the number of medicines and tests that doctors usually prescribe but it falls under due diligence on the doctor’s end.

So the most important thing for you to do when your child falls sick is to go see a doctor, have him examined and actually follow the doctor’s instructions down to a tee. With young children it is more important to go to doctors because of their inability to communicate the nature of illness or disturbance. So parents need to be very careful while making judgments as to how their children should be treated medically.