Baby Care

Your baby’s room

Now that your little one is old enough to have his own room, you need to decide what kind of a room he/she would get, the color theme that would be painted in your child’s room, the toysyou need to buy, the curtains to be placed in the room and whether you want the floor of your child’s room to be wooden or carpeted. Indeed, there is much to decide when shifting your child into his/her new room. But what you need to consider, above everything, is how you can make this room absolutely safe and germ-free for your child. Your child will be spending more time in this very room and hygiene for kids is essential, so you need to ensure that you’re doing everything to make this room a comfortable abode for your child.

Here are some essentials that you need to know while setting up a nice, secure room for your child.

Choosing the right room for your baby: You are to select a quiet and peaceful room that is near your own bedroom so that it is easier for you check in at night when your child is sleeping. The room should have a proper ventilation system. You are to make sure that you let in some natural light and air into the room every day. Also, the room should be well-lit and airy.

Child-proofing the room: Your child’s safety should be your top priority. You need to cover all the electric sockets and switch boards with some duct tape or an electric tape in your child’s room. The crib that you purchase for your child to sleep in should have properly enclosed screw holes. Conceal everything that could possibly harm your child like hanging wires. In order to eliminate any future problem have everything checked that is the wire connections, lights, fans etc. Another important thing to note is that you position your child’s crib in a way that it’s far from windows, heaters, lamps and wall decorations. Make sure that the furniture in your child’s room is efficiently child-proofed. Also try to make a safe zone around your baby’s cot, push away any furniture that you think your child can clamber on.

Eliminating germs: Another part of making this room a safe haven for your child is to make sure that it’s completely germ-free. Have the floor of this room cleaned and vacuumed regularly. Adding a few drops of a multi-purpose cleaner in the water that you’re using to mop the floors of your child’s room can help eliminate germs from the floor, making it healthier for your child to roam around and play over there. Other things that you need to take care of include changing the beddings of your child’s crib daily to avoid any contact with dust. Also have the drapes and curtains in your child’s room cleaned once a month to ensure a healthy breathing area for your child.

Planning the interior: With all the important stuff discussed, we can now talk about how to best beautify your child’s room. Select a theme for your child’s room but select it in a way that it in sync with the rest of your house. Be creative and try something completely out of the box for your child’s room. Look for different ideas, color combinations and themes that would best suit your baby’s room. Use colors that have a serene and calming effect on you so that your child’s room has a cozy and peaceful appeal. How to go about it? First select the crib and the curtains that you intend to put in your child’s room and then try to build the whole theme around them.