Protects from upto 100 illness-causing germs to make you a nonstop winner

Children’s’ everyday routine involves various instances whereby they are very vulnerable to germs i.e. when they are going to school, when they are at school, when they are interacting with their peers, when they are playing outdoors and throughout various other activities. Children ought to learn and play around the day, hence these activities cannot be stopped and should not be stopped, which is why they require constant protection. Children can be protected from germs with adequate hygiene habits, particularly washing hands. Evidence from research* suggests that better hygiene practices, particularly washing hands with soap after using the washroom and before meals can drastically reduce the instance of infection.

Mothers play an important role in nurturing champions and enabling them to function in any environment by empowering them with adequate germ protection, particularly washing hands. Some tips to enhance hand washing learning in children include:

· Make handwashing an activity a child enjoys (Jingles and Games during Hand washing)

· Reinforce habits by following up on their hand washing habits and reminding, particularly at important times E.g. Before dinner, after using the toilet, playing outdoors

· Reinforce habit by rewarding or incentivizing good hand washing habits

Every mother wants her children to achieve all they aspire to and win in every walk of life; she goes every mile to ensure that her children prosper and works round the clock to ensure that. But it must also be noted that germs and infections are also active round the clock to pose a threat to children’s’ health; hence, mothers require a protection that would shield their children throughout the day. Dettol soap, endorsed by the ICSP (Infection Control Society of Pakistan), protects from upto 100 illness causing germs* so that children can remain non-stop winners throughout the day. A step as simple as good hand washing habits with soap can go a long way for your child.