• Floral 500ML
    Floral 500ml
  • Floral 1L
    Floral 1L
  • Lavender 500ML
    Lavender 500ml
  • Lavender 1L
    Lavender 1L
  • Lemon 500ML
    Lemon 500ml
  • Lemon 1L
    Lemon 1L
  • Pine 500ML
    Pine 500ml
  • Pine 1L
    Pine 1L
  • 600x300 Dettol DSC Bottles

The complete solution to all your cleaning needs, no additional cleaning agents required.

Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaner’s unique formula is specifically developed to remove stains, brighten surfaces and leave a lasting fresh fragrance, while killing 99.9% of germs*.

Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaner gives you the complete cleaning solution for your home with trusted protection from illness causing germs.

“based on lab tests on selected stains and strains