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Illness & Prevention

Your guide to germs, illnesses and how to protect you and your family from them

Evolved Germs

Why children fall sick more often these days

It has been found in recent survey with mothers that a significant percentage of modern mothers are worried for their children, and are of the opinion that the children of today are exposed to more threats than they themselves faced as children.

Extra Protection

Six reasons why children need extra protection in todays world

Children often feel that mothers go overboard when it comes to protection from germs. We all know that a child falling sick is something that gives nightmares to every parent.

Modern Illness

Modern illnesses moms need to be careful about

Most of us have gotour children vaccinated for all major diseases like Hepatitis B, Polio, Tetanus etc., and for all the other diseases immunizations are available for. However, we all know that’s far from reassuring any mother completely, and moms are aware that their children could fall prey to a whole new gamut of new-age diseases.

Hygiene Obsession

Why mothers today have developed a hygiene obsession

Every mother knows that she needs to constantly stay aware of the changing times. Alarmed by the increasing number of illnesses, many have turned into over cautious moms,who are constantly looking out for the first signs of any illness hovering around their children so that they can nip it in the bud.

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Where can germs hide

Invisible to the naked eye, germs are hiding around just about every corner. But if you can't see them, where are germs exactly? Where do germs hide? Some of the most common places may surprise you!

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Seven tips to help prevent the flu

Flu season is a time of war – a war against germs. Invisible to the naked eye, they sit lurking and waiting for any old hand to come by and then WHAM! By the time you or your kid starts coughing, it's usually too late.

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Spread Cheer - Not Germs

It’s that time again! The time of year that everyone waits for, but no one can believe how fast it arrives. With the holiday season upon us, we’re all looking forward to spending time with our friends and loved ones, but it’s important to make sure that we keep viruses off of the invitation list.


About germs & illness prevention

We’ve a handy guide to help you stay healthy through better hygiene.  Harmful germs and bacteria can lurk in unexpected places and we may even unwittingly contribute to their spread, so learn the basics about germs and how to prevent illness by breaking the chain of infection.


First aid and wound care

A simple guide to basic first aid and wound-care hygiene to keep cuts and grazes free from infection.


Hygiene in Monsoon / Rainy Season

The monsoon or rainy season can offer particular challenges to your health, so we have some tips that can help you keep healthy during this season.

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A guide to the most common illnesses from cold & flu and tummy bugs to typhoid and dysentery, we’ll tell you what causes common bugs, how to avoid them and the myths around them. 

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