Breast milk is the most fundamental source of food for a newborn. From being effortlessly digestible, it helps boost the baby’s immune system which enhances health and development.Given that these toddlers feed through the nipples, it is strictly advisable for every breastfeeding mother to observespecial care when it comes to personal hygiene.

What exactly happens when a baby suckle unclean breasts?

When a mother does not sanitize herbreasts and nipples appropriately, she exposes her baby toa range of diseases and infections. Unclean breasts harbor germs and while a newborn suckles it, chances are that it could make the baby fall sick.

Some of the common conditions that are the outcome of a baby suckling unclean breasts include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, developing a gaseous abdomen and loss of appetite by the baby.For motherswho do not observe appropriate hygiene while breastfeeding are likely to give offa dreadful smell especially if they do not change clothes that have been stained by milk from the breasts.So you are to be extra careful when any kind of breast milk spills on your bra or your blouse, make sure that you immediately change your clothes or they will start to smell bad. Also, if you don’t wear any type of absorbent material there is a chance that your breasts might become engorged or soggy. So basically if you forget to put on any kindof spongy material that could’ve helped absorb the milk from the breasts, eventually the milk will spill on your bra which will become wet. And due to that, your nipples might become mushy and sore.Fathom the fact that hygiene is health for you and for your baby.

Observing proper breast hygiene is the best way to prevent breastfeeding-related infections. Now before you go ahead to breastfeed your baby, you should ensure that your hands are properly washed with clean water and soap and that your baby is properly bathed or toweled. The reason to keep your baby clean during breastfeeding is to ensure that they are comfortable while suckling your breasts. It also ensures that they are feeding well. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can only wash your baby’s hands with a clean piece of cloth. This is important because babies keep touching the breasts while the process of suckling. 
Now when you’ve cleaned your baby, you can start cleaning your breasts by using a sponge or a piece of cloth.  Wet the sponge or the cloth with water and begin to cleanse your breasts. You need to thoroughly make sure that you concentrate on the areas beneath the breasts, nipples and areolas while cleaning. The cleaning can be of about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, you must wipeyour breasts using a dry towel and then go ahead to breast feed your baby. 
Above are some really basic ways to make breastfeeding healthy and absolutely nourishing for you and for your baby.

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