Pneumonia Symptoms

Pneumonia, an infection that affects a person’s lungs.It is basically caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. What really happens is when a person suffers from pneumonia, a part of his lungs called alveoli, gets inflamed. Pneumonia could turn into a very serious health issue or could actually turn fatal if not cured immediately. This disease is common in young and quite healthy people too but it is considered most damaging for elderly people, babies and for people who are already suffering fromother diseases or have weak immune systems. [1]

What causes pneumonia?

The principle causes of pneumonia are bacteria and viruses. When a person inhales some pneumonia-causing germs and due to any reason his immune system fails to prevent their entry, these germs settle in the small air sacs called alveoli in the lungs and continue multiplying. So then the body signals white blood cells to counter this infection that is when these air sacs become filled with fluid and pus, hence causing pneumonia. [1]

Pakistan majorly ranks fourth in the world due to the high child mortality rate from diseases like pneumonia. Pneumonia is solely responsible for the deaths of 92,000 children under the age of five annually, this contributes eighteen percent to the over-all deaths of children all across Pakistan. This issue is a regional one, apparently, as the top ten countries when it comes to child deaths by pneumonia are actually in Asia.[2][3]

Newborns and children under the age of two are at a higher risk of catching pneumonia as their immune systems are only developing. Symptoms of pneumonia include: Difficulty in breathing, coughing, fever, headaches, chills and a loss of appetite.

In order to prevent your children from contracting pneumonia, here are some tips that you all need to follow: [4]

To get vaccinated: The first step is to get youvaccinated for pneumonia and flu. Talk to your doctor about getting these shots.
Get your children vaccinated: A different vaccine is recommended by doctors for children under the age of 2 and for kids of age 2- 5, keep in mind that kids of these ages are most at risk of catching pneumonia. So get your children vaccinated.
Keep a good hygiene: A good personal hygiene is a must to keep you away from harmful respiratory diseases like pneumonia. Protect yourself by washing your hands carefully, keeping your house and food clean and hygienic.
Say no to smoking: Smoking ultimately damages your lungs and its natural defenses to counter respiratory infections.
Keeping your immune system healthy and strong: Get moresleep, try to exercise regularly and keep a healthy diet.


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