Stay Fresh

With the commencement of the hot season, you’ll understand that the biggest challenge that you have to face during summers is simply staying fresh. Even a cool, refreshing shower taken in the morning, would feel insignificant to you in the afternoon. This is mainly due to the intensity of the heat and the humidity that is followed with equally excessive sweating. With high humid places, it is quite usual for one to feel sticky after mere minutes of taking a shower. So one can imagine how difficult it is to stay fresh throughout the day.
Now staying fresh all through summers is about changing various aspects of your lifestyle to feel fresh throughout the humid season. This includes your eating habits, your clothes, your make up, your personal hygiene etc. So here are some basic summer health tips that may seem rather apparent but they’re usually the simplest of ideas that we tend to overlook the most.[1]

Wear lightweight Clothing

Cotton and lawn are the two absolutely perfect fabrics for your summer collection. The reason why these fabrics are best for summer is that they are light, they come in various color range and these are cooling fabrics that prevent your body from heating. [1]

Summer Accessories

Keep summer accessories like sun shades, hats and scarves ready when you go out into the sun. And try to use sunscreen lotion that has less oil content. [1]

Use a Deodorant

A summer must is to wear and keep a deodorant with you at all times. Sweating is inevitable in summers unless one lives in a 24/7 air conditioned environment which is not very healthy.Therefore, excessive sweating tends to stain one’s clothes and can result in a bad odor. So in order to avoid such scenarios, keep a deodorant with you at all times and swipe it on when you feel the need to.[1]

Stay Hydrated

You need to make sure you don’t get dehydrated in summers. By drinking loads of water, you keep your skin fresh and aglow. So carry a bottle with you at all times and sip on it frequently, to keep yourself hydrated. [1]

Eat Fresh

Choose refreshing, fresh fruit snacks such as watermelon, mangoes and strawberries instead of a snack that you would normally go for, like a pack of chips. The water and vitamins in these fruits will treat you so much better than those savory treats. [1]

Take a Cool Shower

A cool shower once or twice everyday helps in lowering your body temperature. It rinses off body sweat while making you feel more comfortable and relaxed even during hot days. [1]


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